Oakleaf Cutting Boards

Upon searching the market for Cutting Boards, we realized there were few, if any, that could compare with the durability and quality of our workmanship in Oakleaf Cutting Boards.  We developed our Oakleaf Series of wooden Cutting Boards to be both pleasing to the eye, functional, and practical.  We use a unique reverse glue joint, creating 5 times the gluing surface.  This joint is our distinctive signature decorative joint ©, which stands for durability.  Our Oakleaf series offers an excellent value for cooks looking for a well-made, all-purpose wooden Cutting Board to use on a daily basis or to use as a unique showpiece.  Each Oakleaf Cutting Board is one-of-a kind, uniquely handmade, and functional.  Our Cutting Boards provide stability during use and look beautiful enough to display on any counter or table.  Our Wood is hand chosen and hand crafted with a reverse joint (a locking joint), with durability in mind. This allows us to make the statement "Our Cutting Boards have 5 times the gluing surface than any other board on the market."  All Oakleaf Cutting Boards are hand dipped in our Oakleaf Mineral Oil with vitamin E, which helps reduce bacteria in wood.  Whether you are looking for a showpiece Cutting Board or simply a functional Cutting Board, you can find it here at Oakleaf Cutting Boards.

We are not just selling a cutting board....We are creating a board that will be used in the kitchen to make memories with family and friends....one cut at a time.